Your Questions

Please let me answer these foreseen questions

Who is D.J. Dan Rachmelowitz ?M

Hello, my name is Dan Rachmelowitz, a Graduate of Florida Atlantic University former resident of Allenhurst, now residing in Ocean Twp, NJ. I have performed for weddings, sweet 16’s, bar mitzvahs, and summer parties throughout NJ, RI, NY, MA, FL. You may have noticed my stage & business name is “Sax Man Dan” and you may have figured out that I also play the sax, but that is not all. From 1994 to 1998 my routine lounge shows at the Sands Casino included singing, playing, impersonating and dancing at the young age of 23. The D.J.’ing was a further addition in the mid 90’s. At this point, master mixing has become an easy task. I have performed 1000’s of parties in my company’s name.


Why should I choose Sax Man Dan Entertainment ?

Even though our company focuses on the client, there are talents to offer when the client wants it. Besides being a DJ, sax player & singer, I am also an MC, dancer, entertainer and studio engineer. We’ve visited and networked with top DJ’s at the international DJ Convention in Atlantic City for years. Our DJ John has been with us for over a decade, he is the master of video mixing. I haven’t seen anyone who can video mix as well as he can. Our staff is trained and they know how to help you with questions or requests. We aim to please you and your guests and will serve you with a smile. Please ask us about dancers, plasma TVs, giant screen projections, intelligent light shows, unusual amusements, kids games, celebrity impersonators, party favors and other additions that will make your party the greatest on earth. What we do, nobody can do ! Nobody can make the saxophone sound great, sing, rap, dance, impersonate, DJ, MC, engineer, train people to know all the equipment & mixing skills and know the repertoire inside and out like Sax Man Dan entertainment. We are often chosen to perform Bar Mitzvahs, weddings and parties outside of where we are based, in Monmouth County. We have been asked to play overseas & here at home in big cities like Philadelphia PA, Pocono’s, PA, Manhattan, Long Island, NY, Staten Island NY, Brooklyn, NY and various parts of North Jersey because our clients know that nobody can do what we do, we are a rare sensational company Whether your event is intimate or huge, we hope that you choose us too.

I’m considering a number of other DJ’s,
How much better is Sax Man Dan Entertainment ?

I am not a D.J. who just stands and pushes buttons. I know how to keep adults & kids involved, deliver the right words the proper way, interact with guests, motivate, move with the sax, sing or just MCing, and I am not afraid to use a little humor. If you prefer high quality service then I take pride in providing it. Obviously price plays an important factor when hiring a DJ. The price range of DJ’s can vary greatly. There may be D.J.’s who will work dirt cheap. The question is are you getting what you pay for and are you getting a good value? I have always tried to set my prices at a fair value relative to my competition. At the same time I am not like the competition. Most things that I own and wear are of the best quality. There are D.J.’s who choose to save money and wear polyester tuxedos, black sneakers and keep their tangled yellow multi color wires inside of milk crates or cheap broken zipper bags. Would you trust that person will have the tools to do it right ? Would you rather save a few hundred dollars and get that particular person? We do not cut any corners like the above mentioned, my tuxedos and other wardrobes are made of wool, my shoes are made of leather, and my supplies & intelligent lights are kept in professional utility cases that cost money. We care about your party and have never been late on any of the thousands of contracts we agreed perform. In fact upon the banquet hall manager’s permission we have always arrived between 1.5 – 2 hours early. We have always set up in the morning or early afternoon for bigger evening productions.

I go through the movements of making sure my employees wear matching entertainment outfits. Even the wires get velcroed and tucked under mats checked & rechecked to ensure a neat and safe presentation. Sure, my prices are higher but if I do even the little things right, don’t you think that I’ll make your special wedding, bar- mitzvah or event right too? Who would you trust to entertain? Would you trust a man of detail or someone sloppy and in a rush? Would you pay the same amount of money for a DJ who has not done many parties Vs one like me who has? What if he charged only a few hundred less? That might be something to consider depending on how much less but should you consider this option you’d then have to ask yourself another question; Is it worth saving a couple of hundred on the most important part of the party when your spending sometimes tens of thousands of dollars on the party, only to get someone who is not capable?

Can your team handle an unusual culture or age?

Sadly, the most common musical selection played by DJs in general include gangsterrapp, house, country, and bar songs. Most people are happy with this but not impressed. Going beyond the common DJ leads you to our staff. We handle children’s partys, teen parties, adult parties, and even senior citizen’s events. We built a huge selection of international music comprised of most ethnic backgrounds, hard to find Big Band, 20’s 40’s, Latin, disco and cutting edge hot club selections, updated monthly. Our collection has enough of any style mentioned above to play an entire party without repeating.

Can I get a discount on your service?

Someone can be DJing for a lot of years but may never have done that many actual parties. Actual parties should count more. Just remember, in the DJ business you usually get what you pay for. The sweetness of low price is soon forgotten after remembering the bitterness of poor quality. My rates are not cheap but after comparing what the competition has vs. what we have you will probably realize that our company prices reflect higher value than the rest. Our service has been tested, has no defects, is established and works very well. Give us a reason other than you don’t like to paying money. We do not charge the client extra money to pay for health insurance. Would you take a pay cut from your paycheck? Give us a reason why we should. We do what nobody can so will never see another service like ours for cheaper. If you are looking for just price, you have come to the wrong place.