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New York City – September 10, 2009
Guests and bartender from the famous “Water Club” loved it.

Naples Florida – September 6, 2009

Mrs. Juilet hired me to perform at her daughter’s wedding.

Sweet-16 Party

Juliet Harris Juliet Harris
Ariana and Carlos  Ariana and Carlos

E-mail receieved on August 30, 2009 regarding August 29, 2009 Bar Mitzvah

Dan, I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful time we had! We enjoyed you so much, save the date for Becca, but it will be a few years! I’m sure you will get business from this! Everyone was asking where I found you and expressing just how much they enjoyed ALL the entertainment. You’re fabulous on the Sax hahahaha hence the name!!!!!!! Lets not forget the dancers! Out of this world, a talented bunch! Truly the best Bar Mitzvah especially since I’m sure most don’t have belly dancers, it was quite the highlight. I only told a few people and everyone else was surprised. lol the few I told thought I was kidding about the belly dancer!
Well again THANK YOU for making this the most fantastic party for our son! Liz Calcitrai

2009 4th of July on the private beach front property:

Danny: What a great July 4th you gave us. I have never enjoyed our Independence celebration as much as this one. How exhilarating it was to see all those around me spring up when you played our national anthem. When you followed your wonderful selection of patriotic music with your own live and exciting renditions on the sax we were thrilled. Thanks for a night to remember. Mary

PS: Thanks for your note on the world situation. You are so right. I just received an email from a friend traveling in Europe. He’s an adjunct professor at the U of Colorado (great bulwark of liberalism) in Boulder, C

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From: Sax Man Dan Entertainment LLC <DJ@saxmandan.com>
Subject: Re: July 4, Bradley Beach
To: “Mary Helgans” <mhelgans@yahoo.com>
Date: Saturday, July 4, 2009, 12:19 AM

Aaron Lederman’s BarMitzvah May 2008

Sophia’s Communion May 2008

May 10, 2009 From jematheos@yahoo.com

hello sax man dan!

i saw your performance at lorenzo’s, well, now a few times. i just wanted to thank you for such a great show! me and my friends had a blast watching you play there, you are a very talented entertainer, saxaphone player, singer and dj. i gotta say that it takes a lot to get me out of the house but your performance is worth it! i was so blown away by the freestyle rapping during Rapper’s Delight, couldnt have asked for anything better. thank you so much!

jaime (leah’s sister)

July 15, 2007 Re: Anual Community Beach Party Bradley Beach, NJ

Hi Dan: We can’t thank you enough for the great celebration you gave us on July 4th. We loved the music, the games, the songs, but most of all we LOVED the Talent and Enthusiasm you brought. You are the SAX Man! We’re already inventing another celebration so we can have you back and we can sing and dance all night!. – Mary Helgans

October 29, 2006 Re: Richard’s Bar Mitzvah at Douglas Center

Dear Sax Man Dan Entertainment, thank you for a wonderful job. You made us feel like our Bar Mitzvah was a concert featuring your hand picked group and the guests as well. Your group was multi talented. I loved your choice of music. They did everything perfect: DJ, dancers for children and adults, live vocals, serenading Kenny-G style saxophone, photography, large light show and children’s activities. Dan, you did all of those things and your group really works well as a team, thanks again, you may use us for a reference.
Mr. & Mrs. Dan & Vicky

Thursday September 28, 2006

Dear Dan –
I meant to e-mail you sooner to “formally” tell you what a hit you were
on Sunday. We are still talking about what a wonderful time we had and how talented
and great you are. The only word I can use to describe you is incredible!!!!. It takes a lot to motivate me to approach a dance floor but as soon as I heard that sax that was it for me!!! My father was a musician and played the trumpet in Louie Prima’s band and your music reminded us so much of when my father would bring his trumpet to weddings and “crash” whatever band was playing with his music (mostly jazz and blues) The other musicians would step aside and let him do his thing with his trumpet and it was so much fun.

There is just no comparison between you and so many “entertainers” (mostly
record players) that I have met at different affairs that we have attended. Between that ridiculous chicken dance thing (which I happen to loathe) and just a poor choice of music I would remain seated for the entire affair never wanting to go near the dance floor!! Not only do you have a wonderful collection of music, but your talent with the saxaphone, the clarinet and your singing voice are just unbelievable!! You’re a natural and you can do it all — sing, move — the sax and clarinet just about “talk” when you play them if you know what I mean. Yes, some people can sing but they’re as stiff as a board. That’s what I mean by you’re a natural. You were just born with this talent!! What a gift indeed! So, thank you once again for making my sister’s surprise party for Bruno such a raving success. The food is part of it but one can get that anywhere. It’s the music that makes the party!! Keep up the good work. You’re quite a classy guy!!!!

My husband Mike sends his best wishes to you as well as to your lovely parents. He is also quite a fan of yours! Please write back if you have time to tell us when you’ll be at a local mall or playing nearby at something we can attend — we would love to just stop by and say hi — Best regards again to mom and dad. We will spread the word to the rest of our family and friends. Job well done and we know you did work very hard. Hope you had as much fun as we did. I can’t wait to go over Joanne’s house and “relive” the moment through the

video and photos. Stay well and may only the best of things come your way. Best wishes from my mother as well– We look forward to seeing you again hopefully soon…
Carmela Sylvester

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From: Entertainers Plus

To: Sax Man Dan Entertainment Sent: Thursday, September 15, 2005 10:58 AM

Subject: Gavin at Gateway said: It was great, wonderful time, want to have him back, everyone loved him, staff and everyone!

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From: Entertainers Plus

To: Sax Man Dan Entertainment, DJs Bands, Dancers, Party Favors, Plasmas, Giant Screens & Much More Sent: Wednesday, September 14, 2005 3:39 PM

Subject: Re: Go for it, I’m sure Gavin will say that, I remember he said how much they loved you last year! Thank you, Mr. Sax!

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From: Sax Man Dan Entrtainment, DJs Bands, Dancers, Party Favors, Plasmas, Giant Screens & Much More

To: S.Davis at Entertainers PLUS! Sent: Wednesday, September 14, 2005 6:38 PMSeptember 14, 2005

Dear Mrs. Davis: I felt from my professional judgment that the #### party in Eatontown, NJ was an extreme success. Please reply, let me know if my judgment is correct. I will be bold copy and paste the review on the Sax Man Dan Entertainment web site, no matter what those great people say,

Thank you – Danny Rachmelowitz

Wed, September 14, 2005

Dear Dan & Staff, thank you for the wonderful entertainment that you all provided at Rob’s 40th birthday party. Dan, you play the sax and sing like a pro. You all worked hard and left all of the guests with great memories. – Your neighbors, Rob & Diane.

Monday, September 12, 2005 9:46 AM

To Whom It May Concern:

My sister in law Kathleen #### just had her 40th birthday party and my
father in law 75th at #### in South Philadelphia. You
performed there August 10, 2005. (You were great!!!!!)

I was wondering how much it would cost and if you were available for my
husbands 50th birthday party April 2, 2006 at the Waterfall Room at 2015 S
Water St in Philadelphia. The time would be 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

Thank you very much!!!

Michele Canterino
AIP Underwriting

Dear Sax Man Dan, you were music to our ears ! Not only did you listen to our needs, you produced. thank you for sharing your magnificent talent with us on our wedding day. You kept a professional and upbeat attitude and looked very handsome too. All our guests loved you and we did too. Best regards – Lori and Mark Tylo

We hired Dan Rachmelowitz from Sax man Dan entertainment for various events. Dan also performed and organized various other formal events we attended. We were fully satisfied with the band and DJ performances. Many people already know Sax Man Dan but please use this letter as a recommendation for those few who don’t, thank you. he is great, you will love him ! – Sincerely, Dennis Ste### DDS and Mrs. Randi Ste###.

Below an e-mail from Entertainment guru Sue Davis

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From: Sax Man Dan Entertainment, DJs Bands, Dancers, Party Favors, Plasmas, Giant Screens & Much More

To: Entertainers Plus Sent: Tuesday, September 13, 2005 1:23 AM

Subject: Re: how did the show go today?

Show was very successful. – Dan

From: Entertainers Plus

To: Sax Man Dan Entertainment

Did I tell you she was VERY happy with your show!!! Rave reviews!!!, thanks – Sue Davis-<

Surprise 40th Birthday

Bat Mitzvah in NY

Surprise Birthday 40th

Senior Community